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Information Controls Lab

Information Controls Lab (ICLab) is a project focused on collecting and analyzing information controls data on the Internet at a global scale.

At ICLab, we regularly run information controls experiments on a large number of vantage points spread all over the world. Some of these vantage points are Raspberry Pis running the Centinel software, while others are VPN clients and Virtual Private Servers (VPS). These experiments include a standard set of tests designed to detect and analyze web content blocking, the results of which are processed by our data management server and can be explored using the web application available here.


ICLab paper got accepted to The 41st IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy

Our paper titled: ICLab: A Global, Longitudinal Internet Censorship Measurement Platform recently got accepted to the IEEE Security and …



Phillipa Gill

Associate Professor - Principal Investigator


Nicolas Christin

Associate Professor


Zachary Weinberg

Postdoctoral Researcher


Arian Akhavan Niaki

PhD student


Shinyoung Cho

PhD student


Nguyen Phong Hoang

Visiting Research Fellow


Abbas Razaghpanah

PhD student


ICLab: A Global, Longitudinal Internet Censorship Measurement Platform

Researchers have studied Internet censorship for nearly as long as attempts to censor contents have taken place. Most studies have …

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